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Cost for the unit was $55 Shipped from eBay.

I got the first part from a 1989 Camaro, the Throttle body, with the
Throttle Position Sensor,
dle Air Control unit
already on it.

Wiring harness

Oxygen sensor weld in bung


$300.82 Total order

Painless Harness:
Summit Racing part number PRF-60101

O2 sensor, weld in bung, 18mm x 1.5
Summit Racing part number HLY-534-49

Misc. parts, will list as they come in....
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($100 Deposit)

Robert Adams is looking for ECM, MAP sensor, ESC Module, Distributor, and Fuel Pump part #

He has made a fuel pump block off plate already, and is getting some aluminum for me to make the adaptor plate for my manifold.

Borg Warner Oxygen sensor


Part # OS102 one wire, FLPS
(Friendly Local Parts Store)
Borg Warner Temperature sensor


Part # WT3000, FLPS
(Friendly Local Parts Store)






I had to get a face bushing to adapt the sensor to the hole in the intake. Click on the pictures for a larger view
  This is the position for the Oxygen sensor. Just below the collector. This is on the passenger side where the 2 pipes go in to the Cat.
Got these off Ebay. Not sure where I'll put them yet. I want to get it functional first.
$15.00 Shipping & Trouble.
Thanks Chris!
These are from Chris Lindh. 2 ECM's, from Astro Van's I believe, and a couple new fuel filters.

P&G Chevrolet
Part #'s:
Fuel supply and return lines for 89 F body. (to TBI unit)


Thanks to Dean at the local CARx for welding in the O2 bung

Ordered Fuel Pump ($43.14), strainer ($7.02), and knock sensor ($31.34), with shipping ($10).

Total $91.50

P&G Chevrolet
Part #'s:
Pump - 25168719
Strainer - 5651702 ?
Knock Sensor - 10456288

? I don't think it's the right Strainer. I have a call in to the seller.

  $5.88 Correct pickup screen for the fuel pump. Car Quest, part #FP FS3
Box arrived from
Robert Adams,
 Wiring, Misc. connectors, 2 chips, Distributor, Fuel tank sending unit, relay, Fuel pump block off plate, Sheet Aluminum.  
Block off plate for Fuel Pump shown at left. Thanks Robert! Plate shows "Martin Marietta" stencil.
Aircraft Aluminum.
The plate after shaping, drilling holes, and tapping the threads for the TBI unit.  
This is a wooden spacer I put under the AFB to keep the heat from boiling gas over, when it was hot. I think I will keep it, and drill out spaces for the bolts, as well as opening it up where marked to get a smoother transition to the manifold. The butterflies in the TBI will clear, but I want to clean it up.
This is the TBI unit bolted to the plate, rear view.  
This is the TBI unit bolted to the plate, front view.  
You will notice that I polished the openings on this. (Jeweler's force of habit)  
Fuel Sending unit, and pickup, with pump (loosely attached). No screen shown. Modified by Robert Adams, with wiring going through the top plate, using old feed for return line. Connector for pump at top (3 prong).
MFI Distributor $30, Map Sensor $10

Aurora Auto Parts, U-pull-it.

1988 Firebird MFI V8 Distributor, MAP sensor from a Cadillac.

Running Total = $ 722.81  

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