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Dropped the gas tank.

The goal for the day was to get the fuel lines done. I came close, but I need some more steel line in 5/16", and a clamp type filter.



These hose are non fuel injection, and the clamps are just crimp type.


Changed the hose to the expensive stuff, and used worm clamps.



You can take a real close look at this one. The picture file is very large. On the left is the converted sending unit, by Robert Adams. The stock one is on the right. The screens are in very close relationship to each other, so I think it will work great. Robert has had experience with this setup.


Here you see the top hoses. The original feed is now the return line, the vapor line is plugged (I have no canister), and the new line is marked "supply'. Also, I am going to run a ground right to the front. The hot for the pump will come from the harness.
  Robert Adams made this block off plate, I cut the gasket from material I had.
  This shows the block off plate in place. An arrow shows the supply line. I will have a filter in line there, and then hard line to the back of the TBI unit.
  This shows the wood spacer I had on the carb. This is needed here, to make the TBI bolts clear the intake manifold. I opened up the area where the holes are for the butterflies. They would clear, but I think the flow will be slightly better this way.
  View from the bottom, that shows the bolts, just below the surface. This is a 1/2" wooden spacer from Summit Racing. (from the old carb setup)

I cut this fitting off, because the one on the TBI is a rubber hose fitting, and much smaller. I'll have to play around to get this to work right.


You can see the marks where I am cutting the lines off. I'll be bringing the steel lines as close as I can, then clamping a short hose to connect them to the supply & return lines.


I still have to figure out how to make a T for the switch, and this oil pressure sending unit for my gauge.

   Another gem from Robert came in the mail today. This is the ESC or Electronic Spark Control Module. This will be on a board, probably inside the cab.
4/2/05  This is the inside of the distributor I just got. My guess is that the #1 should be about where my thumb is.

Parts total for today:

 Parts list for the 3 runs to 2 stores:
Dist. Gasket: $1.07 CQ (Car Quest) #GSKB25934
Oil Press Switch : $9.23 CQ GM#25036553

2' of 3/8" FI hose $18.48 CQ #RBR27092
2' of 5/16" FI hose $16.52 CQ #RBR27091
5' of 3/8" steel tubing $7.86 CQ #BL660
8 FI hose clamps (didn't need, but bought for the engine compartment) $11.06 CQ #CHC52F16
Gasket for FI to plate $6.86 CQ #GSKG31133
Gasket for Plate to spacer $5.80 CQ #GSKG626760
More 3/8" FI hose, 2' $14.50 FLPS #GAT27088
 Running Total $814.19  (I told the local CarX what I was doing, when they were welding the O2 sensor in, and they told me that they charged a guy over $2500 to do a swap like this. I am not sure if that included the parts or not)

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