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This is the fuel filter, and send line, all installed. I haven't bolted the TBI down, because I needed to drill the firewall.



The return line from under the car, It does clear the shift linkage in all gears, by a good margin. There is a piece of split hose around the tubing at the seam, to keep it from rubbing through. I used the vapor line from the tank as the return line. I cut it near the firewall, and went up with it.


The linkage is way off. Looks like I'll be fabricating a bracket, with the Aluminum Robert sent. I might need to drill out the cruise nib, and bolt on an extender, to line it up. (I did this on the AFB too)



This is the back of the TBI unit, showing the feed and return lines.


I had to cut this to make it fit the center hose on the pic above.
  Antifreeze shower anyone? I got one, removing the plug on the driver's side, and installing the knock sensor. Real close to the header. I home the plastic plug can take it.
  I recommend removing this diffuser for the heater, along with the ash tray. It sure made it easier to feed the wires.
  This is the hole in the firewall. OOOops! 1 3/4" instead of 1 /5/8. The grommet is too loose. The wires and plugs went right through though!
  Another point of reference on the hole in the firewall. You can see the oil sending units in this, and the one above, now with a T connector. One for the gauge, one switch for the computer. Also, 3 way manifold vacuum connector.

Nice table for laying out a wiring harness, eh?


The harness is stuffed through, and this is what I see from inside. Notice that white connector? that goes to the dash, from the original setup. Robert sent me a harness to plug in to this, that saves going to the park/brake switch, VSS, Power, TCC, and ECM power. See next pic.

  This will save all the work under the steering wheel. Thanks Robert!


The loom is pulled through, with what looks like plenty of wire length to spare.


Does anyone know what the heck this wire jumper is replacing? There is some kind of 2 prong plug, and the blue wire just connects all the wires. If you click on this picture, you will get a real close view. It comes from the big bundle through the dash. Any ideas? Thanks
**This was the old oil pressur switch plug, hot wired to fool the old CCC computer, that there was always plenty of oil pressure. Don't try this at home boys and girls***


Parts total for today:

 Parts list for the tools and parts today::

5' of 5/16" steel tubing $5.80 FLPS #EDE 560ST
Fuel Filter repair kit 13.79 FLPS #DOR 800-153

1 5/8" hole saw, Sears 11.81

 Running Total $847.06  

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