Before and during restoration
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84ec_b4_garage_s.jpg - 2919 Bytes Here is the driver's door getting ready to paint the door jamb, the new GM rear 1/4's in boxes, and the ground effects in a box on top.
84ec_b4_l_frt_s.jpg - 2308 Bytes The left front, just a minimum of chrome removed.
84ec_b4_r_door_s.jpg - 2118 Bytes Right door, that tree just jumped out at me when Nate & I were at the fishin' hole!!
84ec_b4_r_frt_s.jpg - 2904 Bytes Front before picture.
84ec_b4_rr_s.jpg - 2209 Bytes What our wonderful Iowa winters will do for your car.
84ec_hood1_s.jpg - 2595 Bytes The Choo Choo Customs Cowl Induction hood.
84ec_hood2_s.jpg - 2857 Bytes Another angle on the new hood.
84ec_b4_l_door_s.jpg - 3690 Bytes Hanging the driver's door with new hinges (thanks again Rick!)
84ec_nmc_r_s.jpg - 2833 Bytes I am lucky enough to have help on this project. Nate was responsible for getting the old bumper off.
monte_posi_rear_s.jpg - 3520 Bytes The rear end in the back, complete with sway bar!
84ec_blasted_f_s.jpg - 2563 Bytes The front view after media blasting.
84ec_blasted_r_s.jpg - 3184 Bytes Rear after blasting shows the only filler on the car, bottom right on the tail gate. Good look at the ZR1 style tail lights and rear roll pan.

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6/2003 10/1999 Before Paint