John's 1984 El Camino - Work in progress - Windows

I have replaced the nasty door glass. 6-22-2003 The media blasting that was done before paint, didn't mask the glass as well as they should have. I didn't have time to inspect it between the time it was blasted, and went to get paint.
This is the before picture:
glass_b4.jpg - 44019 Bytes

These are in steps getting the job done:
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I replaced one of 2 plastic pieces on this side, the driver's side got both plastic pieces new.
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I need the spike that goes in to the plastic loop for the driver's side door. It must have been a Malibu door, and didn't have the cut out. Also, it had to be bent to get the loop for the spike (on the glass) through the slot in the door:
windows_6.jpg - 23365 Bytes