f41_1-25_bar.jpg - 44685 Bytes
These bars are from a Buick Regal with the F41 option, along with a 1.25" front sway bar, using greasable poly bushings and end links.
f41_tri_bar.jpg - 31825 Bytes
This is a bar I made from 1" square tubing to triangulate the front frame horns.

f41_upper.jpg - 34738 Bytes
These are the upper F41 bars connecting the fenders to the radiator support.

The air bags in place. You can see the new shocks, and the dual exhaust.
under_rear.jpg - 46456 Bytes

springs.jpg - 38419 Bytes All new Springs for the El Camino! The back ones are on, with the new poly cushion, but I got qualified help for the front ones. All the front A arm bushings are converyted to poly as well. This picture shows The old & new together, with the air bag on the side. I gained 1/2 to 1" in ride height in the rear, and a lot better ride. (Spring 2002 -- no pun intended).

Summer 2002, all the rear trailing arm bushings were replaced, and a new 1" rear sway bar attached. I love it! Nate ended up with the 7/8" one on the Monte Carlo. See below:


rear_susp.jpg - 33869 Bytes
This is another shot, with the new 1" rear sway bar, and new bushings on the lower trailing arms. This also shows the KYB Gasajust shocks, and the stainless (not polished yet) tips that were put on the aluminized exhaust system.

Trailing Arm Bushings project is here.

Front A Arm Bushings Project is here