This is the stereo updated Father's Day 2007 6/17/07
Thanks Nate ... You're the best!

This set up is awesome, and all I ever need (more really) and I am a music nut.

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The Head Unit is a Sony Xplod that plays CD's, MP3's, and CD/R disks. Also has Auxillary and USB inputs, along with a pigtail for the iPod.

I Love the XM Radio! These pictures are the tuner control, adhesive tape to the dash.

(no big picture)
The antenna, through the window behind the driver. Works great.
the XM control is above the climate control, the remote and Nate's iPod is below, in the console.
These are infinity 3.5". You should shoehorn these in, using a piece of plastic Milk carton, to keep from messing up the dash. They come out the same way. I have had stock speakers, low line Infinities (blown), Rockford-Fosgate (blown), and now high line Infinities in there. These are the best yet. Spend the money on the good ones (or have some one buy them for you ;-)
These are the Father's Day gift along with the head unit, 6x9 Polk Audio 3 way speakers in boxes behind the seats.
ec_sub_woofer.jpg - 15125 Bytes This is the 8" 200W sub I have had in here for 8 years. Very reliable for a cheap unit, and it gives you the bass that the 3.5" ones can't. Audiovox BA200.

(no big picture)