Saint Charles East High School Auto Club - Saint Charles, IL

This group met on Tuesdays starting at 2:30 untill 5-5:30 PM Members will get an email regarding late starts or non-meeting days.
1989 Jeep Cerokee Loredo
1983 Ford Mustang GT HO 302
1977 MG B

If you are interested in donating to help this project or the Club.
Please email for contact information. Thank You!

Video from the
2012 Labor for Lazarus House Event

Pictures from Past Car Club Auto Show Fund raisers
on this web site:
2006 2009 2011

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Click Here to see work on the Jeep Project, and 2010 Labor for Lazarus House on this page.

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Group shot from the 2012 World of Wheels Show
Photo by Claude Leidi

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2011-2012 School Year Pictures:

Taking the bumper off

Clean up the rust!

The leaky freeze plug is out.
The Gator before painting the school colors
After Paint 10/10/2011

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