Some of the cars I have had in the past, and cool cars my family has had.

My Winter beater was a 1987 BMW 325e that I got from my son Nate. After selling it, we got another winter beater 1987 Monte Carlo SS.

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I owned this 1964 Chevy II for 9 years, 2 paint jobs, and 2 engines, till it had holes in the floor I was tired of patching, and a little over 250,000 miles. It was a great car. I would have one again in a moment. TOTAL cost was $3500.00 with all that, tires included (purchased for $300)
 Good shot of the SS Bumper/grille guards
More of the Nova on this page
 Rear Bumper guards too!
3 Nova's lined up at work
 1971 El Camino
EC from across the street
1963 Jaguar Mark X
 1992 BMW 325i in Solo II Autocross, SCCA
More Autocross
 More Autocross
 Waiting my turn
All the BMW Pics
 My Brother's 1971 Chevelle SS Big Block (402) Convertable
 My Brother's 1971 El Camino SS 454
 Nate behind the wheel of this 1970 SS 396
 Nate in the 70, Mike's 69 Elky, My 64 Nova


2010 Camaro RS 2LT
Daily Driver from 2013-2018
More Pics

1987 Monte Carlo SS
Gone but not forgotten - Sold March 2011
 Pictures from the first day home
 Engine compartment and overall 1st inspection 
   Pictures 10/14/08  
Restoration Log - Phase 1  
Restoration Log - Phase 2 
Fine Tuning - Phase 3

The 1987 BMW 325e Winter Beater before the Monte above.