Headers, start to near finish.

DSCN1941.jpg - 16612 Bytes
There should be a world of difference when I get these things in..... right?

DSCN1942.jpg - 21663 Bytes
Looking straight down on the driver's side. The outlet goes even a bit forward.

DSCN1943.jpg - 23596 Bytes
Another shot on the fit on the driver's side.

DSCN1944.jpg - 16294 Bytes
This shows the outlet, with the current down pipe hanging loose.
I'll either have that pipe welded to the reducer, or have them fabricate another.

DSCN1948.jpg - 15577 Bytes
This shows the reducer bolted on, and the pipe to the cat removed.

DSCN1953.jpg - 12778 Bytes
Modifications to the A/C bracket. There is a brace to the manifold on top that triangulates this for good support.

DSCN1954.jpg - 20584 Bytes
Test fitting the bracket with a fabricated spacer. It's now painted, and back on the car, with the old manifolds.
It's solid, and I shouldn't have trouble with it.

DSCN1955.jpg - 20683 Bytes
Pass. side. You can see the driver's side pipe back in place (red line).
The pass. side hit the starter, and the bell housing on this side (red dots).
The X is the inlet to the cat for this side.

DSCN1956.jpg - 21433 Bytes
Another shot on the intended target.

I sent this set back. Since it was for an F body, the Driver's side works, but the Passenger side doesn't. I am now getting part number 68470-left side only, and part number 68600-right side only, to get this to work. Just waiting on the parts, and the test fit on the passenger side. Then they go to the LO-KO shop for silver ceramic coating.

Update 5-9-2003
pass_1.jpg - 38725 Bytes
Test fit the right side part number 68600, and it fits great.
I had the old manifold off, the header on, and the original setup back in place
in about an hour. (I'm excited!)

pass_2.jpg - 21394 Bytes
A closer look at the short run to the cat (X)

pass_3.jpg - 15998 Bytes
I'll need to protect these wires from the heat. Does anyone have a suggestion?
I will be getting a remote solenoid setup to keep that away from the heat.

Update 5-20-2003
Just got the headers back with a nice new silver coating!!!!
headers_coated.jpg - 24675 Bytes
headers_coated2.jpg - 12244 Bytes
headers_coated3.jpg - 21758 Bytes

Update 5-27-2003
headers_inst1.jpg - 30485 Bytes
headers_inst2.jpg - 30163 Bytes
The headers before getting attached to the system.

I'm having trouble with the first plug change since installing the headers. #6 it trying to be a royal PITA.