This is the project on getting rid of the squeaking Poly Bushings in the front end. Started 5/14/2004
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The lower arm was dropped slowly, and the spring removed. (Notice the chain around the spring).
Picture to remember where the shims are!
Cleaned up A Arm
This is the press I used when I did the back trailing arms. It worked nicely to get the lower bushings out.
The upper arm & shaft are painted, and the lower arm is cleaned.
Pressing the upper bushongs back in, bracing the arm to keep the spacing.
The upper arm is back in! Ends are loose till the weight is back on the car.

There is more to come. I had to make the spacers, braces, and the right sized washers and press tools for this as I went. I hope Sunday is better for me on that. Thanks for the tips to all on the list. I am getting a lot of satisfaction out of doing this myself.

It's a dirty job!


It's very important to have one of these. This one cost me $10 for a day to rent. I would never have gotten these back on the car without this internal spring compressor.
The spring compressor is in place, and I am jacking up the A arm again.
Another angle.
Bolted up again. (Right Front)
Pressing the bushings in to the left front lower control arm.
I used pipe and pipe cap. Bracing the arm with another short pipe.
This shot shows the left front back together. Notice that you can see how the F Body shortie Hedman headers go under the engine to the other side. (where the cat resides)
5/16/04 I still have to mount the shocks, then get the weight of the car on the wheels, to tighten the 8 bushings down, in that position.

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