Trailing Arm Bushings
Thanks to all the guys on the
'El Camino List' for inspiring me to take this on.

I bought some bushings and went to work:
bushing_tool.jpg - 37770 Bytes
This was bought at the plumbing supply. 2.5" pipe & Cap.
bushing2.jpg - 16784 Bytes

bushing3.jpg - 21028 Bytes

bushing4.jpg - 40654 Bytes

bushing5.jpg - 53499 Bytes
This is the setup.
bushing6.jpg - 52403 Bytes
All ready to go.
bushing7.jpg - 48421 Bytes
Shouldn't you be using hardened washers for this?? I think so!
bushing8.jpg - 37504 Bytes
New washers ready to go.
bushing9.jpg - 31379 Bytes
Pressing in the new one with pipe to keep the arm straight.
bushing10.jpg - 59263 Bytes
Out with the old (Time for a Heineken about then).
bushing11.jpg - 62132 Bytes

bushing12.jpg - 25489 Bytes

bushing13.jpg - 37634 Bytes
The new sway bar bolts and inner supports (original).

Update... There is now a 1" sway bar on the back. OPG $100 special. This sway bar was sold on Nate's 1986 Monte Carlo.

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