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El Camino List Members:

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Robert Adams (Right) with List member Kelly Hannah
at a Swap meet in Texas April 2006

Robert Adams, Ft. Worth, Texas, 1984 El Camino, Web Site

Eric Borgne, France, 1984 El Camino, Web Site
Marie ,dog Gweltas (waiting for a sugar) and Eric
marie-gwelta-eric.JPG - 36721 Bytes
eric_elcamino.JPG - 46880 Bytes

Ray Buck, Salt Lake City, UT, 1980 El Camino Chevy Asylum web site
(Ray Buck passed away early in 2014. He is sorely missed and was loved by many)

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Ray ready for the Salt Flats...

ray_red_ecf.jpg - 22419 Bytes

John Christensen, Saint Charles, IL, 1984 El Camino

Nate, Cindy, & John
ec_2003_3.jpg - 43929 Bytes

Dan's 1983 El Camino Conquista, Olympia, WA, Pictured with both Dan and his wife Sandi.
dan_83.jpg - 36571 Bytes
sandi_dans83.jpg - 38066 Bytes

Jim Dos, 1980 El Camino, Waterloo, IA, More EC Pics

Doyle C. Frazier, 1983 Black SS El Camino - "Dark Vadar"

doyle_black83.jpg - 29300 Bytes

Justin Friel, Henderson, Nevada, 1965 El Camino (Pictures), Web Site

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Ron Glass, 1978 El Camino, New Port Richey, Florida
glass_78ec.jpg - 30167 Bytes

Jana & Kelly Hanna, Dallas, TX, 1978 El Camino SS
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ELKkelly.jpg - 25502 Bytes

Steve Harrison, Danbury, Connecticut, 1984 El Camino

More (3 Sisters)



Mike Huber and Lanette, Carlsbad, NM, 1978 with an '83 front clip "Mino" El Camino.
Mike's El Camino in Super Chevy Magazine. Big Bend Open Road Race
mike_lanette.JPG - 28189 Bytes
MH_mino.jpg - 27547 Bytes

Mark Kirk, Louisville Ky, 1978 El Camino

2nd Place in Carl Casper custom auto show 2006

Craig LeBaron, New Orleans, LA, 1981 El Camino


Frank, NY, 1986 Conquista "Connie"

Daughter Linda, Dorothy, and Frank at his 50th Birthday party

Chris Lindh, Atlanta, Georgia, 1980 El Camino, Web Site

Carter, Melissa, and Chris Lindh


Carrie Mansfield 1987 El Camino, Wilmington, DE
Carrie & hubby, Patrick
carrie.jpg - 19290 Bytes
carrie87Elky.jpg - 43845 Bytes
More Pictures:1

Mary MCarthy, Yacolt, WA, 1976 GMC Sprint.

Brian Mongar, Omaha, NE, 1982 El Camino

And ... The Chevelle

Nathan Nickerson, Murray, UT

Jonas Rödén, Sweden, 1968 396 El Camino, (in progress)

More Pictures: 1, 2, 3

Cort Stevens, "Mr. Monte Carlo" - "Mr. Road Trip" - Web Site
Honorary EC List member, Cort has met as many list members in person,
as anyone on the list (In my estimation)

Cort owns all these Monte's:


Jon Vore, 1971 El Camino SS 454
Jon71elkyss454.jpg - 28403 Bytes