El Camino on the Dyno 9-12-03

Up on the machine

The results:

(click image for full view)

Comparison for the first 4 cars:

1984 Chevrolet El Camino 350 (+.030) rebuilt
stock cam/heads
(see mods on this site) 139.8 256.0
1978 Chevrolet Camaro 350 crate repl. motor none 153.1 227.7
1998 Lincoln Mark XIII V8 Nitrous, gears, exhaust 225 270
1998 Lexus GS400 V6 intake, exhaust, chip 246 250

This shows that the El Camino has been built for Torque. Everything I have done is for driveability, and not straight line performance. The torque registered just 12 pounds less than the high tech V8 powered Nitrous injected Lincoln. The peaks are at a little under 2000 and about 2800 RPM. You can feel the torque pretty much whenever you want in most driving situations. More torque than the Lexus that registered the highest HP mark. It was dissapointing to see such a low number on the HP. I suppose a cam, new rear gears, and a huge list of other goodies is in order.
Are you listening Santa?

Below are some more pictures of the cars on the Dyno, and some others that showed up for the show.

The Fall Colors on the trip were nice too!

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