Rookie's Sports bar in Saint Charles, IL

Wednesday Cruise Night 5-26-2004

Cort Stevens, and John Christensen from the El camino List

The El Camino right along with the Vette & Ferrari's
The East line up
Ferrari Heaven (there are El Camino's there)
A 454 in this Nova
The fuel cell
This is a 396 (402?) Chevelle
502 in this Camaro I'm sure will scoot
This street Rod was bought like this by the current owner. It has an LT1, but he can't tell you much more, he just drives it. $1 Burgers, $1 Dogs
Is there such thing as a GT500 Cobra Conv? I think this is a clone.
Looks sharp, but I know the mechanic. don't let him work on your car (like he did mine)
Pimpin' .... Nicely done though
You might be a Redneck if.... You have 2 - 45 pound projectiles instead of back seats.
Rednecks also have stickers for partsa they don't even have on the car. (same car as above)
Tri Power GTO MMmmmmm.
Tubbed Big Block Nova
This was a nice 283 with 2 - 4 bbl
(Elky to the right)


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