I have modified the hood to be true cowl induction. I have cut through the fiberglass, screened it in, and fabricated a sheet metal box to bring the air to the air cleaner. I modifed the snorkel on that air cleaner to connect with the 4" tube.

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New pics of the modified air cleaner. I have made the end cap removable to let in some warmer under hood air in during the winter months if it helps to make it run better.

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The system is painted black now, and operating very nicely. I have great response, but you know how it is when you do something like this... you have to have some justification for going to all the work ;-)    We'll see how the mileage is affected. Please offer any suggestions you have for a better seal. The picture shows foam used for sealing window air conditioners, bailing wire holds them in place. It seals, but it isn't pretty. (Fall 2001)

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Fall 2002, installed wooden carb spacer, 1/2", from Summit. Helps with restarts when hot.

TBI Conversion - Winter of 2005 - All this stuff fit when I did that. Then I changed to a dedicated TBI manifold in September of 2006. I had to do some re-alignment .

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The manifold was the same height, but there was no spacer underneath. I chose to extend the down pipe a bit, using a 4" to 3" plastic adaptor for duct work, cutting out the 3" section, then riveting it to the exisiting 4" pipe.

I bought some insulation foam, and ran some heavy steel wire through it, to form it to shape (Like I did for the other setup). I put some grease on the air clenaer lid, to mark the foam for the notch. A razor did the trick.

Still to come, is the higher domed lid for the larger K&N filter I got at the junk yard. It's in Champagne, IL getting paint.

The new lid:

A friend of my son Nate's named "Lunchbox" created these graphics on the new air cleaner lid from the yard. I installed it on the car after Mom's weekend at the University of Illinois where it was being kept. The 350 is in gold leaf.