Prepping for the Herculiner paint on bed liner 6/2004

Click on the images for a closer look. Prep - Paint - Ist coat of Herculiner - Done
 The Bed before work
 Closer look
 Driver's side
 Passenger Side
 Passenger front
 Close of Passenger front
 Driver's side front
 Hole behind the left rear wheel well
 Hole in the tail gate
 I won't be taking these bif dents out, because I'll be putting them right back in!
 The space around the window surprised me, I thought there would be rust here.
(I am happy!)
 Some of the prep is done. I need to get some Touch Up paint in Dark Briar Brown metallic for above the bed line.
 More prep


Progress for 6/21/04

Click on the images for a closer look.

The shot from standing in the rain today
Left Side of the bed
Right front. Pretty much ready to paint the upper side parts. The paint is on it's way!
Right Rear patches

I need just a few clips. Kelly & Robert said they might have these. I also realized that the side strips on the back ot the tailgate opening are shot. These were put back on long ago with silicone. See the next few pics:

Paint 6/24/04

Right front side pillar masked and ready to paint.
After first coat
Left side done
Shot from the side of the masking job & light in the bed

First Coat of Herculiner 6/25/04

All done now. I'll get pictures when it gets warm again. It's wearing great,
and there is no sliding around with the sand bags in the winter.

Click the pictures for a closer look
This is after 2 winters, lots of hard work and strange loads. A little spot of Fan clutch oil left over from the engine swap. I just hose it out from time to time, but basically it hasn't shown any wear for 2 years.
The dusty bed
Close on the tailgate
I repainted the top part and it's holding up too.

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