Cruise Night 9/15/2006 Arlington Heights, IL

Cindy thought this would be cute

Hey ... only 3500!

Very Sweet 69 Elky

Black Primer, with a touch of Greay primer ... Just Right.

I Have thought about stripes like this. Someone did them, and it looks GREAT. I will use the gold that it on the bottom, with the top color sprayed over them to ghost it a bit.

I'll wait till I fix the dent in the driver's door.

The plate says it all


Cort picture. The lighting was terrible.

My friends' Noble. 0-60 in 3 seconds, 0-100 in 4. I sat in it. He told me if I took off, the GPS would find me.

Roush Racing 3.0L Twin Turbo, 480HP to the wheels, in a car barely over 2000 pounds. He had his 69 Charger 44o 6 pack R/T that he bought new from the lot too. His son had the new Shelby built 427 Cobra.

Ray ... This is for you. It was not the only Rat in town! Wish you could have been here.

And it had a V8!

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